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Cleaning Rattal Lounge Set Wonderful

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Garden Lounge Set, Rattan Lounge Set

Garden Lounge Set and accessories are very popular choices for living spaces both outdoors and in. Comfortable, sturdy, and attractive, Rattan comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making it complementary of countless decorating schemes.

Rinse your rattan furniture

Take your water hose and start rinsing your rattan furniture. If it’s already sunny outside then I would recommend that you do this in a shady place, because it has to stay wet for later. You should have a hose nozzle for this. Set it on spraying because you are trying to rinse your rattan furniture and not water it. Using a pressure washer for this step could damage your rattan furniture so it’s better to just use your water hose.

Mix dishwashing liquid with a gallon of warm water

The amount I go with usually is ¼ cup of dishwashing liquid and a gallon of warm water. When water is warm, it is much more effective at cleaning than cold water. Make sure that you mix those two up by stirring them. It is best to use a bucket because you are probably going to move it around. One bucket should be more than enough to clean your entire bistro set or furniture set.

Dip your soft brush into the bucket and start cleaning

I have found some articles online that are suggesting that you use a toothbrush for this. Well, I have tried cleaning one chair with a toothbrush and the other with a much larger soft brush. Guess what? There was a big difference in the time that it took me to clean one single chair. But speaking of cleaning them, there was not so much difference. In fact, when I tried to do the process with a toothbrush the chair got dry before I could finish so it was left with spots on it.

Rinse your rattan furniture again

There is nothing much to say here. Use your water hose and set it on spraying just like at the first step. Make sure that your table, chairs, etc. don’t get dry before you are finished with this step. If they get dry while there is still soap on them then you will end up with spots on your furniture. Again it is best to clean your rattan in the shades if it is sunny outside.

Leave to dry

Now it is time to let your furniture dry out in the sun. Some people use cloths to wipe it and make the process faster but I think that it is perfectly fine to just leave it out in the sun. While you are waiting for your rattan furniture to dry you can clean your cushions if you have any.

Inspect your rattan furniture for any possible damage

If you are using it outdoors, then the chance of your table or chairs being damaged is much higher than if you are using it indoors. Anyway, take a closer look and see if there are any damaged parts.

Our Rattan Lounge Set will become the focal point of your garden or patio. It is ideal for al fresco dining or for simply relaxing and enjoying the weather. Click Garden Lounge Set | Outdoor Lounge Set | Inshare Furniture to learn more information
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